GDTB-4 Gauge Data Transportation Box

GDTB-4 Gauge Data Transportation Box is a data process box specially developed for collecting the data from Mitutoyo digital gauges. With the GDTB, users are able to collect the Mitutoyo digital gauges’ data and send to data acquisition system or AT2E’s “QUALIGAUGE” software. It is able to connect up to 4 gauges.

With GDTB-4 and “QUALIGAUGE” software, date can be transferred from any Mitutoyo digital gauges. User can review and manage all the saved data. Data report and graph are available with the “QUALIGAUGE” software which is very useful for data and result analyzing.

Technical specifications:

  • Overall size: 140 x 105 x 55 mm
  • Number of the ports for Mitutoyo gauge: 4 (Please consult AT2E for other request)
  • Main supply: USB

Optional parts:

  • “QUALIGAUGE” software
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